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Synthesis of Cobalt–Glycerate hierarchical structure and their conversion into hierarchical CoP nanospheres for the hydrogen evolution reaction
Abstract One of the effective strategies to enhance hydrogen evolution reaction (HER) performance is to increase the catalytic sites of catalyst by designing and tailoring the nanoscale morphology ofExpand
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Carbon confinement synthesis of interlayer-expanded and sulfur-enriched MoS2+x nanocoating on hollow carbon spheres for advanced Li-S batteries
High energy density and low-cost lithium-sulfur batteries have been considered as one of the most promising candidates for next-generation energy storage systems. However, the intrinsic problems ofExpand
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Oxide Passivated CoNi@NC-Supported Ru(OH)xCly Cluster as Highly Efficient Catalysts for the Oxygen and Hydrogen Evolution
The development of highly active electrocatalysts is essential to the commercialization of water splitting. Introducing ligand of foreign metals is a promising approach to optimize the electronicExpand
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A conjugated polyaniline and water co-intercalation strategy boosting zinc-ion storage performances for rose-like vanadium oxide architectures
The regulation of the interlayer spacing and microstructure holds particular promise for achieving boosted zinc ion storage properties for low cost vanadium oxides. In this study, we describe aExpand
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Preparation and Characterization of PAQR Polymers by Different Methods
Polyacene quinone radical (PAQR) polymers were formed by different methods, using anthraquinone and pyromellitic anhydride with aromatic acids through the solvothermal method and solid phase meltedExpand
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