Xiaoshuai Song

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Patterns of biomass and carbon (C) storage distribution across Chinese pine (Pinus tabulaeformis) natural secondary forests are poorly documented. The objectives of this study were to examine the biomass and C pools of the major ecosystem components in a replicated age sequence of P. tabulaeformis secondary forest stands in Northern China. Within each(More)
Although the effect of litter mixture on decomposition has been well documented, few studies have examined the relationships between richness and relative abundance of leaf species in litter mixture and changes in universal fungal communities during the decomposition process in temperate forests. In this study, we used the litterbag method and included(More)
This research takes the self-driving car as the experimental platform, and the research direction is the information processing of the millimeter wave radar obstacle in the self-driving car environment sensing module. In the tracking aspect, the method has been added to provide edge information by surrounding obstacles to determine the direction of travel.(More)
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