Xiaoshu Xu

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We study how resale affects auctions with costly entry in a model where bidders possess two-dimensional private information signals: entry costs and valuations. We establish the existence of symmetric entry equilibrium and identify sufficient conditions under which the equilibrium is unique. Our analysis suggests that the opportunity of resale induces(More)
American Indians living on reservations have substantially lower levels of employment and income than co-resident non-Indians. Gaming has emerged as an attempt by tribes to improve the socioeconomic status of their members. This paper uses simulated maximum likelihood to estimate the effect of the tribal decision to open a gaming facility on employment of(More)
We investigate a private value auction in which a single " entrant " on winning imposes a negative externality on two " regular " bidders. In an English auction when all bidders are active, " regular " bidders free ride, exiting before price reaches their values. In a …rst-price sealed-bid auction incentives for free riding and aggressive bidding coexist,(More)
Web-based online submission of computer aided design (CAD) models for prototype parts is getting popular among service bureaus and gaining wider acceptance among rapid prototyping users. In the web based rapid prototyping (RP), an instant quote needs to be generated for an arbitrary polygonal model (usually in STL format). Hence the manufacturability(More)
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