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This paper discusses the relationship between Danger Theory and image object detection, and interprets the produce of the image object detection using Danger Theory. In the paper, the image object detection is mimiced as the produce that biology immune system detects danger antigens, where the interested object are regarded as ldquodanger antigensrdquo and(More)
This paper presents a novel approach of detecting special objects from high resolution satellite imagery. In this approach, a bilateral filtering is used to denoise firstly, and a new morphological approach which combines gray scale morphological processing and binary morphological processing is proposed for ROI extraction and feature enhancement. A(More)
—This paper presents an adaptive image segmentation method based on a new Regional Growing Pulse Coupled Neural Network (PCNN) model for detecting fabric defects. In this method, the pixels of analyzed image are mapped on the neurons in a pulse coupled neural network. Improved PCNN model and regional growing theory are combined in the light of the(More)
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