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This paper presents the ASVC (Acquisition, Simulation, Visualization and Controller) framework for integrating heterogeneous virtual surgery modules. The framework extends the well-known MVC (Model-View-Controller) system architecture to make virtual surgery systems flexible and efficient. The framework can be used to construct stand-alone or server-client(More)
Virtual Reality (VR) and associated technologies are experiencing growing importance in medicine and surgery. VR demands fast and real time simulations. Finite element analysis can be used for cutting simulation; however, finite element analysis is computationally intensive and is unsuitable for real time applications involving cutting of a large amount of(More)
Modeling the random fiber distribution of a fiber-reinforced composite is of great importance for studying the progressive failure behavior of the material on the micro scale. In this paper, we develop a new algorithm for generating random representative volume elements (RVEs) with statistical equivalent fiber distribution against the actual material(More)
The fracture response of mild steel in the domain of brittle behavior, i.e., the cleavage range, has been carefully evaluated using a weakest link statistical model, assuming the existence of a distribution of cracked carbide particles in the microstructures. Experiments have provided an evidence of both scatter in test results and the existence of(More)
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