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This paper discussed the topology of in the three-level neutral point clamped cascaded rectifier (3LNPC-CR) for designing the Chinese Power Electronic Traction Transformer (PETT). To balance the DC-link voltage (V dc) in 3LNPC-CR, a smooth switching technique is proposed in this paper. The controlling processes of each module are relatively independent when(More)
The advanced traction power supply system (ATPSS) is a new directional development for traction power supply systems, which can totally remove the neutral sections and effectively promote power quality. However, the existing converters suffer from small substation capacity. In this paper, a new configuration based on a three-level neutral point clamped(More)
In this paper we consider three semi-online scheduling problems for jobs with release times on m identical parallel machines. The worst case performance ratios of the LS algorithm are analyzed. The objective function is to minimize the maximum completion time of all machines, i.e. the makespan. If the job list has a non-decreasing release times, then 2 − 1(More)
Commutation failure (CF) is a serious malfunction in HVDC systems. Fast detection and identification is important to avoid HVDC system block or even further deterioration of the whole system. This paper proposes a novel approach of CF recognition using wavelet transform and Shannon entropy technique. Only phase A voltage signal at inverter is used as the(More)
Single-phase 3-level neutral point clamped cascaded rectifier (3LNPC-CR) has been successfully made its way into traction drive system as a high-voltage traction converter. In this passage, the control issue of the 3LNPC-CR is considered. A transient current control strategy, combined with proportional integral (PI) controllers, is adopted to achieve unity(More)
This study compared the effects of three anti-mutagenic lichen extracts on colorectal oncogenesis in azoxymethane (AOM)-treated mice and determined whether the extracts also regulated the homeostatic response to genotoxic damage. C57BL/6J mice (n = 12 per group) were treated with the lichen extracts Antimutagen-He (AMH): AMH-C, AMH-D, or AMH-E dimethyl(More)
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