Xiaoqing Tang

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This note is a commentary on, and critique of, André Luiz Barbosa's paper entitled " P != NP Proof. " Despite its provocative title, what the paper is seeking to do is not to prove P = NP in the standard sense in which that notation is used in the literature. Rather, Barbosa is (and is aware that he is) arguing that a different meaning should be associated(More)
An online MMS (Multimedia Message Service) system is designed and implemented based on the technologies of automatic caricature generation and animation. Users upload a facial image and a piece of speech, and specify some parameters, then, the MMS with personalized caricature animation will be generated and sent to the predefined mobile phone. Two main(More)
1. INTRODUCTION The antenna attitude variations exist in both the airborne SAR systems and the spaceborne ones. It may degrade the SAR imaging qualities, and will reduce the height accuracy of InSAR systems especially the repeat-pass ones. Therefore, it is necessary to set restriction of the antenna attitude variation in mission planning and to reduce its(More)