Xiaoqing Qian

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One-spot signal-on and simultaneous electronic detection of lysozyme and adenosine is achieved based on target-induced release of aptamers and back-filling hybridization of the resulting single stranded DNAs with redox-tags conjugated aptamers.
Sensory hair cells are coordinately oriented within each inner ear sensory organ to exhibit a particular form of planar cell polarity (PCP) necessary for mechanotransduction. However, the developmental events associated with establishing PCP in the vestibule are unclear, hindering data interpretation and employment of the vestibule for PCP studies. Herein,(More)
For understanding the effects of nitrification ability on nitrogen (N) use efficiency and N losses via denitrification in paddy soils under flooding conditions, six paddy soils with different nitrification activities were sampled from various sites of China and a pot experiment was conducted. Rice plants at tillering stage were transplanted into pots and(More)
The modified Rankine-Hugoniot equations across a standing normal shockwave were discussed and adapted to obtain jump conditions for shockwave structure calculations. Coupling the modified Rankine-Hugoniot equations with the Burnett equations, the shockwave structure in a weakly ionized gas flow was computed and analyzed for a wide range of free-stream Mach(More)
Reagentless, sensitive and multiplexed analysis of gyrB and K-ras gene biomarkers is achieved based on the proximity changes of two different redox-tags to the electrode surface upon DNA hybridizations, and the presence of the two gene biomarkers also acts as inputs and activates the logic gate.
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