Xiaoqing Qian

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We propose to carry out precision measurements of Single target Spin Asymmetries (SSA) from semi-inclusive electroproduction of charged pions from a 40-cm long transversely polarized 3 He target in Deep-Inelastic-Scattering kinematics using 11 and 8.8 GeV electron beams. We propose to carry out this coincidence experiment in Hall A with a newly proposed(More)
For understanding the effects of nitrification ability on nitrogen (N) use efficiency and N losses via denitrification in paddy soils under flooding conditions, six paddy soils with different nitrification activities were sampled from various sites of China and a pot experiment was conducted. Rice plants at tillering stage were transplanted into pots and(More)
The modified Rankine-Hugoniot equations across a standing normal shockwave were discussed and adapted to obtain jump conditions for shockwave structure calculations. Coupling the modified Rankine-Hugoniot equations with the Burnett equations, the shockwave structure in a weakly ionized gas flow was computed and analyzed for a wide range of free-stream Mach(More)
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