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To explore the genetic dimensions of the stress response in rodents, we tested 12 inbred strains of mice and an F2 intercross (n=745) on the Tail Suspension Test (TST) and the Tail Suspension-Induced Hyperthermia (TSIH) paradigm. These selected 12 strains provide a representative sampling of the genetic heterogeneity of mousedom. An F2 intercross was(More)
Usher syndrome type IIA (USH2A), characterized by progressive photoreceptor degeneration and congenital moderate hearing loss, is the most common subtype of Usher syndrome. In this article, we show that the USH2A protein, also known as usherin, is an exceptionally large ( approximately 600-kDa) matrix protein expressed specifically in retinal photoreceptors(More)
In the last decade, graph-cut optimization has been popular for a variety of pixel labeling problems. Typically graph-cut methods are used to incorporate a smoothness prior on a labeling. Recently several methods incorporated ordering constraints on labels for the application of object segmentation. An example of an ordering constraint is prohibiting a(More)
In the last decade, graph-cut optimization has been popular for a variety of labeling problems. Typically, graph-cut methods are used to incorporate smoothness constraints on a labeling, encouraging most nearby pixels to have equal or similar labels. In addition to smoothness, ordering constraints on labels are also useful. For example, in object(More)
The ciliary rootlet, first recognized over a century ago, is a prominent structure originating from the basal body at the proximal end of a cilium. Despite being the largest cytoskeleton, its structural composition has remained unknown. Here, we report a novel 220-kD protein, designated rootletin, found in the rootlets of ciliated cells. Recombinant(More)
Mutations in whirlin cause either Usher syndrome type II (USH2), a deafness-blindness disorder, or nonsyndromic deafness. The molecular basis for the variable disease expression is unknown. We show here that only the whirlin long isoform, distinct from a short isoform by virtue of having two N-terminal PDZ domains, is expressed in the retina. Both long and(More)
While multiple replication origins have been observed in archaea, considerably less is known about their evolutionary processes. Here, we performed a comparative analysis of the predicted (proved in part) orc/cdc6-associated replication origins in 15 completely sequenced haloarchaeal genomes to investigate the diversity and evolution of replication origins(More)
Nicotianamine (NA), a ubiquitous molecule in plants, is an important metal ion chelator and the main precursor for phytosiderophores biosynthesis. Considerable progress has been achieved in cloning and characterizing the functions of nicotianamine synthase (NAS) in plants including barley, Arabidopsis and rice. Maize is not only an important cereal crop,(More)
BACKGROUND The tail suspension test (TST) is a mouse screening test for antidepressants. METHODS An F2 intercross was derived from NMRI and 129S6 inbred strains (n = 747). Mice underwent standardized TST with 2 sessions: (1) baseline and (2) imipramine (30 mg/kg, intraperitoneally) TST. RESULTS A whole genome scan of this intercross mapped significant(More)