Xiaoqing Chen

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Ontology learning technology has become a research hotspot in computer science nowadays. The main objective of this paper is to describe domain ontologies at different granularities and hierarchies based on granular computing. A granular space model for ontology learning was explored, and some definitions such as concept granules, granular worlds and the(More)
Service-oriented architecture (SOA) is the architecture of software or information system, as well as a concept of coarse-grained components and loosely coupled framework. But SOA is generally believed as a simple Web service integration. This paper deeply discusses some concepts on SOA, insists that SOA is a developing methodology rather than a specific(More)
In this paper, on the basis of the Apriori algorithm, a granular computing-based algorithm for association rules extracting is presented. The comparison of the running time between the presented algorithm and the Apriori algorithm is discussed, and its running procedure is illustrated by a real world example. By analyzing, it is shown that the granular(More)
This paper focuses on the phugoid dynamic characteristic of hypersonic gliding vehicle. By regarding equilibrium glide as the fixed state of reentry trajectory, the dynamic equations are simplified and a hyper-geometric equation with a forcing function is deduced. Linearization theory is applied to analyze the characteristic of the motion, and the phugoid(More)
In this paper, a modified Differential-Evolution approach to solve numerical optimization problems is presented. The aim of the approach is to increase the probability of each parent to generate a better offspring. This is done by introducing time variant scaling factor F, and using a simple but efficient mutation operator which combines information of the(More)
In this paper, granular computing was introduced into text classification. First, Classification idea based on granular computing was explained, and a framework of text classification based on granular computing was presented. Secondly, some concepts such as information granule, feature granule, decision granule, association degree, core feature, effective(More)