Xiaoqin Zhong

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Neuropathic pain is usually persistent and there is no effective treatment. Activation of P2X(3) receptor subtype in primary sensory neurons is involved in neuropathic pain. Sodium ferulate (SF) is an active principle from Chinese herbal medicine and has anti-inflammatory activities. This study observed the effects of SF on the hyperalgesia mediated by(More)
Imaging samples on a surface by mass spectrometry (MS) requires the combination of MS detection with a scanning mode that enables localized desorption and ionization and/or detection of sample analytes with good spatial resolution. We have developed a new mass spectrometry imaging (MSI) method based on electrostatic spray ionization. It works under ambient(More)
A highly sensitive method based on mass-barcoded gold nanoparticles (AuNPs) and immunomagnetic separation has been developed for multiplex allergy diagnosis by MALDI mass spectrometry in a component-resolved manner. Different analytical probes were prepared by coating AuNPs with individual allergenic proteins and mass barcode, represented by polyethylene(More)
The planarian flatworm is an emerging model that is useful for studying homeostasis and regeneration due to its unique adult stem cells (ASCs). Previously, planaria were found to share mammalian TTAGGG chromosome ends and telomerases; however, their telomere protection proteins have not yet been identified. In Schmidtea mediterranea, we identified a(More)
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