Xiaoqiao Meng

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The scalability of modern data centers has become a practical concern and has attracted significant attention in recent years. In contrast to existing solutions that require changes in the network architecture and the routing protocols, this paper proposes using traffic-aware virtual machine (VM) placement to improve the network scalability. By(More)
Resource provisioning in compute clouds often require an estimate of the capacity needs of Virtual Machines (VMs). The estimated VM size is the basis for allocating resources commensurate with workload demand. In contrast to the traditional practice of estimating the VM sizes individually, we propose a joint-VM sizing approach in which multiple VMs are(More)
Protecting the network layer from malicious attacks is an important yet challenging security issue in mobile ad hoc networks. In this paper, we describe SCAN, a unified network-layer security solution for such networks that protects both routing and data forwarding operations through the same reactive approach. SCAN does not apply any cryptographic(More)
Several studies have recently been performed on wireless university campus networks, corporate and public networks. Yet little is known about the flow-level characterization in such networks. In this paper, we statistically characterize both static flows and roaming flows in a large campus wireless network using a recently-collected trace. For static flows,(More)
Protecting the network layer in a mobile ad hoc network is an important research topic in wireless security. This paper describes our unified network-layer security solution in ad hoc networks, which protects both routing and packet forwarding functionalities in the context of the AODV protocol. To address the unique characteristics of ad hoc networks, we(More)
Recent advances in virtualization technology have made it a common practice to consolidate virtual machines(VMs) into a fewer number of servers. An efficient consolidation scheme requires that VMs are packed tightly, yet receive resources commensurate with their demands. However, measurements from production data centers show that the network bandwidth(More)
The IP address consumption and the global routing table size are two of the vital parameters of the Internet growth. In this paper we quantitatively characterize the IPv4 address allocations made over the past six years and the global BGP routing table size changes during the same period of time. About 63,000 address blocks have been allocated since the(More)
In this paper, we propose a wireless sensor network paradigm for real-time forest fire detection. The wireless sensor network can detect and forecast forest fire more promptly than the traditional satellite-based detection approach. This paper mainly describes the data collecting and processing in wireless sensor networks for real-time forest fire(More)
The rapid deployment of cloud computing promises network users with elastic, abundant, and on-demand cloud services. The pay-as-you-go model allows users to be charged only for services they use. Current purchasing designs, however, are still primitive with significant constraints. Spot Instance, the first deployed auction-style pricing model of Amazon EC2,(More)