Xiaoqiang Zhao

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In this talk we present a joint work with Feng-Bin Wang and Xiaoqiang Zhao. The work concerns with a periodically pulsed bio-reactor model of a flowing water habitat with a hydraulic storage zone in which no flow occurs. The full system can be reduced to a limiting system based on a conservation principle. Then we obtain sufficient conditions in terms of(More)
Bis-benzimidazolium salt (S)-2,2'-bis[2″-(N-Et-benzimidazoliumyl)ethoxy]-1,1'-binaphthyl hexafluorophosphate [(S)-L1H2]·(PF6)2 and bis-imidazolium salts (S)-2,2'-bis[2″-(N-R-imidazoliumyl)ethoxy]-1,1'-binaphthyl hexafluorophosphate [(S)-L2H2]·(PF6)2 and [(S)-L3H2]·(PF6)2 (R = ethyl or benzyl), as well as their five N-heterocyclic carbene Hg(II) and Ag(I)(More)
The purpose of this paper is to present qualitative and bifurcation analysis near the degenerate equilibrium in models of interactions between lymphocyte cells and solid tumor and to understand the development of tumor growth. Theoretical analysis shows that these cancer models can exhibit Bogdanov-Takens bifurcation under sufficiently small perturbation of(More)
1 Motivations Example 1.1. Let D be a closed subset of R n. We consider the nonau-tonomous ordinary differential system: dx dt = f (t, x), t ≥ 0, x(0) = x 0 ∈ D. Assume that lim t→∞ f (t, x) = f 0 (x) uniformly for x in any bounded subset of D. Then we have a limiting autonomous system: dx dt = f 0 (x), t ≥ 0, x(0) = x 0 ∈ D. Problem. Under what conditions(More)
Drought significantly affects the architectural development of maize inflorescence, which leads to massive losses in grain yield. However, the genetic mechanism for traits involved in inflorescence architecture in different watering environments, remains poorly understood in maize. In this study, 19 QTLs for tassel primary branch number (TBN) and ear number(More)
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