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Recent work has demonstrated that behavioral manipulations targeting specific cortical areas during prolonged wakefulness lead to a region-specific homeostatic increase in theta activity (5-9 Hz), suggesting that theta waves could represent transient neuronal OFF periods (local sleep). In awake rats, the occurrence of an OFF period in a brain area relevant(More)
Learning leads to rapid microstructural changes in gray (GM) and white (WM) matter. Do these changes continue to accumulate if task training continues, and can they be reverted by sleep? We addressed these questions by combining structural and diffusion weighted MRI and high-density EEG in 16 subjects studied during the physiological sleep/wake cycle, after(More)
In computational grids, a virtual organization (VO) is a dynamic coupling of multiple Linux/Unix nodes for resource sharing under specific polices. Currently, VO support functionalities are generally implemented as grid middleware. However, the usability of grids is often impaired by the complexity of configuring and maintaining a new layer of security(More)
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