Xiaoqi Chen

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This paper discusses an experimental comparison of three user interface techniques for interaction with a mobile robot located remotely from the user. A typical means of operating a robot in such a situation is to teleoperate the robot using visual cues from a camera that displays the robot's view of its work environment. However, the operator often has a(More)
A method for offline system identification to model the attitude dynamics of an unmanned helicopter using neural network techniques has been developed. The processed test data obtained from various test flights were used to train a neural network ARX (autoregressive structure with extra inputs) using Levenberg-Marquardt computation. An optimised network(More)
Accurate modelling of permanent magnet (PM) DC motors is a prerequisite for expedient feedback design of electric powered mobility vehicles. This paper identifies the parameters in the ideal equations for PM DC motors and considers the methods used to measure and calculate them accurately. However, the ideal PM DC motor equations' outcomes are rarely(More)
— This work seeks to improve dynamic accuracy of viewpoint tracking for Augmented Reality. Using an inverted pendulum to model the head, dynamic orientation sensing in a vertical plane is achieved using only a dual axis accelerometer. A unique solution is presented as conventional approaches to solve the model equations fail to produce stable results due to(More)