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Charge heterogeneity profiling of monoclonal antibodies using low ionic strength ion-exchange chromatography and well-controlled pH gradients on monolithic columns.
In this work, the suitability of employing shallow pH gradients generated using single component buffer systems as eluents through cation-exchange (CEX) monolithic columns is demonstrated for theExpand
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Analysis of charge heterogeneities in mAbs using imaged CE
An analytical method using the imaged CE (iCE) technology has been developed and validated for measuring contents of charge variants for mAb molecules. The method could generate similar informationExpand
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Characterization of monoclonal antibodies using polymeric cation exchange monoliths in combination with salt and pH gradients.
The characterization of three different mAb formulations of pharmaceutical interest is demonstrated using cation exchange polymethacrylate-based monolithic columns as well as imaged CE (iCE). ElutionExpand
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Separation of five diketopiperazines from the marine fungus Alternaria alternate HK-25 by high-speed counter-current chromatography.
High-speed counter-current chromatography was applied to the separation of five diketoperazines from the marine Alternaria alternate HK-25 for the first time using one-step elution method with a pairExpand
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