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Real-time tracking of human body motion is an important technology in synthetic environments, robotics, and other human-computer interaction applications. This paper presents an extended Kalman filter designed for real-time estimation of the orientation of human limb segments. The filter processes data from small inertial/magnetic sensor modules containing(More)
A mobile manipulator in this study is a manipulator mounted on a mobile platform. Assuming the end point of the manipulator is guided, e.g., by a human operator to follow an arbitrary trajectory, it is desirable that the mobile platform is able to move as to position the manipulator in certain preferred configurations. Since the motion of the manipulator is(More)
Orientation of a static or slow-moving rigid body can be determined from the measured gravity and local magnetic field vectors. Some formulation of the QUaternion ESTimator (QUEST) algorithm is commonly used to solve this problem. Triads of accelerometers and magnetometers are used to measure gravity and local magnetic field vectors in sensor coordinates.(More)
There are many examples of mechanical systems which require rolling contacts between two or more rigid bodies. Rolling contacts engender nonholonomic constraints in an otherwise holonomic system. In this paper, we develop a unified approach to the control of mechanical systems subject to both holonomic and nonholonomic constraints. We first present a state(More)
Numerous applications require a self-contained personal navigation system that works in indoor and outdoor environments, does not require any infrastructure support, and is not susceptible to jamming. Posture tracking with an array of inertial/magnetic sensors attached to individual human limb segments has been successfully demonstrated. The "sourceless"(More)