Xiaoping Pang

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A bibliometric analysis was applied in this work to evaluate Antarctic research from 1993 to 2012 based on the Science Citation Index database. According to samples of 30,024 articles related to Antarctica, this study reveals the evolution of the scientific outputs on Antarctic research from the aspects of subject categories, major journals, international(More)
1. The hyperpolarization-induced, cation-selective current I(h) is widely observed in peripheral sensory neurons of the vagal and dorsal root ganglia, but the peak magnitude and voltage- and time-dependent properties of this current vary widely across afferent fibre type. 2. Using patch clamp investigations of rat isolated vagal ganglion neurons (VGN)(More)
WFV (Wide Field of View) cameras on-board Gaofen-1 satellite (gaofen means high resolution) provide unparalleled global observations with both high spatial and high temporal resolutions. However, the accuracy of the radiometric calibration remains unknown. Using an improved cross calibration method, the WFV cameras were re-calibrated with well-calibrated(More)
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