Xiaoping Hu

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The objective of this article is to introduce the use of Stochastic Automata Networks (SANs) as an effective formalism for application-architecture modeling in system-level average-case analysis for platform-based design. By platform, we mean a family of heterogeneous architectures that satisfy a set of architectural constraints imposed to allow re-use of(More)
In this paper, we propose a method for mapping multimedia applications on systems with very limited resources (i.e. memory, computing capability and battery lifetime) by combining adaptive data partitioning with content-based dynamic power management. The potential of the approach is illustrated through a case study of an object tracking application running(More)
In the near future, Ambient Intelligence (AmI) will become part of everyday life. Combining feature-rich multimedia with AmI (dubbed Ambient Multimedia for short) has the potential of changing the way we perceive and interact with our environment. One major difficulty, however, in designing Ambient Multimedia Systems (AMS) comes from the strong constraints(More)
Aiming at the problem about classifying two samples, support vector machine (SVM) put forward by Vapnik didn't think over the difference of two classes of classification error, so a new method, asymmetrical support vector machine (A-SVM), is given. The optimal separating hyperplane was deviated from the optimal support hyperplane of some kind of sample set(More)
Successful proliferation of multimedia-enabled devices and advances in very large-scale integration (VLSI) technology has spawned new research efforts in migrating video processing applications onto ever smaller and more inexpensive devices. This article focuses on the technical challenges associated with that migration. Due to limitations in size, battery(More)
For having stronger learning and generalizing power of functions, wavelet neural network (WNN) can solve multistage optimal control problem. In the course of solving, optimal control law was fitted by using WNN, and a Lagrangian function was constructed to translate into optimization problem from optimal control one. A weight factor was introduced to(More)
BIT RATE CONTROL FOR REAL-TIME MULTIPOINT VIDEO CONFERENCING Xiaoping Hu, MS University of Pittsburgh, 2003 With the rapid development of video compression and network technology, real-time video communications has become a popular part of our daily life. Rate control is needed to satisfy the expectation of high quality and to make it possible to transmit(More)
Ambient Intelligence (AmI) is the inconspicuous presence of computing into every facet of our lives. AmI systems of the future will contain devices with highly limited resources in terms of processing power, memory, and battery lifetime. Contrary to this are the memory, power, and cycle-hungry video processing applications which are required to provide the(More)
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