Xiaoping Cheng

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Eye detection is an important step in eye tracking and eye state recognition. An improved AD AdaBoost algorithm for eye detection is proposed to slow the degradation in training step. Weight on negative samples which are classified correctly is released then the other samples' weight is normalized to slow the expansion of weight on difficult samples. The(More)
Strong noise, poor gray-scale contrast, blurred margins of tissue are characteristics of medical images. Extracting object of interest in medical images is challenging. A segmentation approach that combines watershed algorithm with graph theory is proposed in this paper. This algorithm reconstructs gradient before watershed segmentation, based on the(More)
Classifying cancers by gene selection is among the most important and challenging procedures in biomedicine. A major challenge is to design an effective method that eliminates irrelevant, redundant, or noisy genes from the classification, while retaining all of the highly discriminative genes. We propose a gene selection method, called local(More)
Shadows have been one of the most serious problems for vegetation segmetation, espescially under conditions of natural random airflow and human or vehicle disturbance. A video sequence processing method has developed in this paper to identify and eliminate crop shadows. The method comprises pixel models and algorithms explained in a probable learning(More)
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