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Non-cooperative location of cellular mobile platform uses air intercepted technology of uplink and downlink signals to avoid influencing the normal communication between mobile platform and base station, so it has strong concealment, flexibility and mobility. However, due to block, urban environment etc. factors, it makes fast and accurate self-location of(More)
Therefore it has increasingly received widespread attentions in military and industrial sectors. With the development of a variety of new navigation systems and signal standards, there is a higher demand for the compatibility and renewal speed of the navigation signal simulators; specifically, it should be multi-mode and reconfigurable in order to realize(More)
OBJECTIVE To summarize retrospectively the 5-year survival rates and long-term complication of stage Ib-IIIa cervical carcinoma treated by combination of subradical external radiation and brachytherapy plus radical operation. METHODS 106 patients with cervical carcinoma were all treated by radical hysterectomy and pelvic lymphadenectomy, of whom 78 had(More)
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