Xiaonei Zhang

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Uncovering dynamics characteristics of 3D wind field is of great importance to understand the mechanisms of gas dispersal and provides useful clues for the optimization of gas source localization algorithms. In this paper, we first use a high precision 3D ultrasonic anemometer to collect the three orthogonal wind speed components and calculate corresponding(More)
The magnitude and sign of a time series measured from physical process contain rich information about the dynamical mechanisms. In this paper, we study the scaling properties of the magnitude and the sign from the small-scale wind speed fluctuations using the detrended fluctuation analysis (DFA), and show the impact of sampling frequency on their scaling(More)
Characterizing the fluctuations properties in wind speed signals is a significant problem in the field of nonlinear dynamics and aerodynamics. In this paper, firstly, to fully capture the details of the wind field fluctuation, a 3D ultrasonic anemometer is selected to measure the wind speed data in a short-term wind field experiment. Then, we employ the(More)
Understanding the temporal/spatial behavior and dynamics of wind speed is of great importance for model building, wind prediction and sensor design. In the present study, we employ a recently proposed approach of multiscale multifractal analysis (MMA) to investigate the scaling properties of a group of wind speed time series recorded at ten locations with(More)
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