Xiaonan Kan

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Alignment of 1D assemblies of a wide variety of nanoparticles (e.g., metal, metal oxide, semiconductor quantum dots, or organic microspheres) in one direction upon diverse substrates (including industrial silicon wafers and transparent glass plates) by a general strategy is demonstrated. This sandwich method provides an efficient way of rapidly and(More)
  • Xiaonan Kan, Yanqi Ban, +6 authors Yingjie Zhao
  • ACS applied materials & interfaces
  • 2017
We explored the interfacial synthesis of 2D N-graphdiyne films at the gas/liquid and liquid/liquid interfaces. Triazine- or pyrazine-based monomers containing ethynyl group were polymerized through the Glaser coupling reactions at interfaces. Several layered, highly ordered and conjugated 2D N-graphdiyne were obtained. Their structures were characterized by(More)
Simple methods for patterning single crystals are critical to fully realize their applications in electronics. However, traditional vapor and solution methods are deficient in terms of crystals with random spatial and quality distributions. In this work, we report a dewetting-induced assembly strategy for obtaining large-scale and highly oriented organic(More)
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