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Soft landing on the moon is the main target of the second phase of China Lunar Exploration Project. In order to gain guidance accuracy less than 100m, the terrain relative navigation methods should be involved. However the terrain map of lunar with enough resolution will not be available within triennium, the modeling of lunar terrain surface with proposed(More)
On the second phase of China Lunar Exploration Project, in order to proceed a safe soft landing on the moon, a reliable hazard detection system must be developed. As a active detection sensor, light detection and ranging (LIDAR) was well developed in recent years, which has a high pixel resolution and high range resolution. A terrain slope detection method(More)
In order to make lunar lander autonomous safely on the moon, the potential hazard should be detected. Effective detection of rocks will also provide information for choosing a better landing region which is suitable for exploration. The 2D maximum entropy thresholding method is proposed to segment the shade area from the image, and then the ellipse fitting(More)
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