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In buildings with many elevators, elevator group control algorithm is used to efficiently dispatch the elevators to serve each hall call generated from different floors. Recent researches for energy saving of elevator system have attracted widespread interest, most of which achieve energy saving by minimizing the estimated energy consumption. This paper(More)
The memristor was proposed to characterize the flux-charge relation. We propose the generalized flux-charge relation model of memristor with neural network of smooth hinge functions. There is effective identification algorithm for the neural network of smooth hinge functions. The representation capability of this model is theoretically guaranteed. Any(More)
This paper describes continuous piecewise linear (CPWL) programming where the objective and constraints are in the form of hinging hyperplane (HH). And HH has received wide attention due to its simplicity and good performance in system identification. When solving a CPWL programming problem, some excellent features inspire us to come up with more efficient(More)
The AgInSbTe memristor shows gradual resistance tuning characteristics, which makes it a potential candidate to emulate biological plastic synapses. The working mechanism of the device is complex, and both intrinsic charge-trapping mechanism and extrinsic electrochemical metallization effect are confirmed in the AgInSbTe memristor. Mathematical model of the(More)
A method for pressure control of self-supplied variable displacement axial piston pumps is considered. By analyzing the mathematical model, a crucial part of the nonlinear system is found to be a piecewise linear function. A control strategy composed of an overall feedforward control and a feedback control is given using the smooth hinge function. Compared(More)
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