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BACKGROUND It is recommended that all pregnant women be offered screening for Down syndrome and open neural tube defects, but emerging prenatal tests that are not publicly insured may compromise access. We evaluated screening rates for publicly insured screening tests across health care regions in the province of Ontario and determined whether maternal,(More)
BACKGROUND The role of public reporting in improving hospital quality of care is controversial. Reporting of hospital-acquired infection rates has been introduced in multiple health care systems, but its relationship to infection rates has been understudied. Our objective was to determine whether mandatory public reporting by hospitals is associated with a(More)
OBJECTIVES Long term care (LTC) residents commonly experience transitions between health care settings that can have important health consequences. The objective of this study was to quantify the effect of recent transitions on the risk of emergency department (ED) transfer among chronic LTC residents. Two types of transitions were considered: admission(More)
We validated population-based hospital, emergency room, and physician claim databases for the detection of surgical site infections against the reference standard of clinical surveillance. Although these data sets are highly specific and could be used to define research cohorts, their low sensitivity and positive predictive value make them inadequate for(More)
OBJECTIVES Diabetes frequently coexists with other conditions, resulting in poorer diabetes self-management and quality of life, higher risk for diabetes-related complications and higher health service use compared to those with diabetes only. Few Canadian studies have undertaken a comprehensive, population-level analysis of comorbidity and health service(More)
Clinical databases comprising data that are available at a national level provide the opportunity to explore the relationships between nursing interventions and patient health outcomes. This research examined baseline and changes in patient health outcomes between admission and discharge using data from 59 157 acute-care hospital-based patient records at 44(More)
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