Xiaoming Zha

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This paper chooses the proportional resonant controller for the controlling of Active Power Filter, and proposed a new control topology for dual parallel APF application. The APF_I near the load side employs the proportional resonant controller to compensate the 5<sup>th</sup>, 11<sup>th</sup>, 17<sup>th</sup> and 23<sup>rd</sup> harmonics; The APF_II near(More)
This paper studies a regenerative cascaded multilevel converter that substitutes active front ends for the diode-based front ends only in part of cells, and proposes a power tracking control strategy that does not need any motor parameters. During the induction motor's deceleration, by controlling the two kinds of cells' output voltages according to the(More)
Wave energy generation is one of the most significant directions in renewable resource generation, and it has attracted more attentions in researching fields than ever; But there is a gap between scientific research and theoretical education. This article firstly introduces different kinds of wave energy generation methods and the device being researched;(More)
This paper applies an effective repetitive controller to the Static Synchronous Compensator (STATCOM). This hybrid controller integrated repetitive control with proportional feedback control. This approach can decrease steady-state error and improve robustness. A detailed design method is presented and the mathematical model is introduced. The simulation(More)
This paper applies Boost Converter Control to the parallel operation of APF with multiple inverters. Master-slave control mode is adopted because of its prominent advantages on independent operation, redundancy control and cost-effectiveness. The malfunctioning of one APF will not influence the normal working of other APFs. In Boost Converter Control, the(More)
As one of the most effective methods to inhibit electric power grid harmonics, the technology of Active Power Filter (APF) has been a key subject in the field of power quality control. Currently, research on APF mainly focuses on topology structure and control strategy. A novel topological structure of APF in &#x03B1;-&#x03B2; coordinate is presented based(More)
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