Xiaoming Teng

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It has been proven that c-kit is crucial for proliferation, migration, survival and maturation of spermatogenic cells. A periodic expression of c-kit is observed from primordial germ cells (PGCs) to spermatogenetic stem cells (SSCs), However, the expression profile of c-kit during the entire spermatogenesis process is still unclear. This study aims to(More)
Human female germline stem cells (FGSCs) have opened new opportunities for understanding human oogenesis, delaying menopause, treating infertility, and providing a new strategy for preserving fertility. However, the shortage of adult human ovaries tissues available impedes their future investigations and clinical applications. Here, we have established FGSC(More)
Generating male germ cells in vitro from multipotent stem cells is still a challenge for stem cell biologists. The difficulty is caused by the lack of knowledge about spermatogenesis molecular-controlling mechanisms. In vivo, PGCs differentiate into male germ cells in a very complicated environment through many middle steps. In this study, we use the(More)
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