Xiaoming Chang

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A new method for feature subset selection in machine learning, FSS-MGSA (Feature Subset Selection by Modified Gravitational Search Algorithm), is presented. FSS-MGSA is an evolutionary, stochastic search algorithm based on the law of gravity and mass interactions, and it can be executed when domain knowledge is not available. A wrapper approach, over(More)
Time series observed in real world is often nonlinear, even chaotic. However, observed data is often contaminated by noise of various types. To effectively extract desired information from observed data, it is vital to preprocess data to reduce noise for both the analysis of dynamical systems and many potential applications of these systems. In this paper,(More)
Most of study on RAIM has focused on the single satellite failure problem. However, if GPS, GIONASS, Galileo and other available satellite navigation systems are combined, or the satellite navigation systems are used in the civil navigation field, the assumption of single-satellite-failure is unreasonable. This paper analyses the maximum slope in the(More)
We have developed a rule-based system, which is called Chinese question answering system for reading comprehension (Cqarc). This paper systematically introduces and discusses key techniques in the Cqarc, describes the processing mechanism of the Cqarc, presents processing strategies and methods in the Cqarc. Cqarc uses heuristic rules to look for lexical(More)
We propose a method with high spatial resolution to detect fiber faults in a time-division multiplexing passive optical network (TDM-PON). A semiconductor laser serving as the probe light source is subjected to self-feedback caused by reflection at fiber faults. The feedback will induce the laser to generate chaos. Autocorrelation of the output time series(More)
We propose and experimentally demonstrate a method for fault location in optical communication network. This method utilizes the traffic signal transmitted across the network as probe signal, and then locates the fault by correlation technique. Compared with conventional techniques, our method has a simple structure and low operation expenditure, because no(More)
Based on the combination of the particle swarm algorithm and multiplier penalty function method for the constraint conditions, this paper proposes an improved hybrid particle swarm optimization algorithm which is used to solve nonlinear constraint optimization problems. The algorithm converts nonlinear constraint function into no-constraints nonlinear(More)
MS5534B is a pressure sensor with digital output. In this paper, the authors put forward a way to construct a height measurement system based on MS5534B pressure sensor, and discusses the system hardware and software design ideas in detail. Using LPC1114 microprocessor cooperate with the necessary peripheral interfaces to build the hardware framework of(More)
Recent years have seen a revived interest in semantic parsing by applying statistical and machine learning methods to semantically annotate corpora such as the FrameNet and the Proposition Bank So far much of the research has been focused on English due to the lack of semantically annotated resources in other languages. This paper reports first results on(More)