Xiaoming Cao

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We report the use of poly(amidoamine) dendrimers as stabilizers to synthesize ultrathin Au nanowires (NWs) with a diameter of 1.3 nm via a hydrothermal approach. The formation of uniform Au NWs was optimized by varying the Au/Ag salt molar ratio, dendrimer stabilizers, and reaction solvent, temperature, and time. A novel growth mechanism involving a(More)
Metal carbenes are often proposed as reactive intermediates in the late transition metal-catalysed transformations of alkynes. Owing to their high reactivity, however, isolation and structural characterization of metal carbene intermediates in these transformations has remained unknown. Herein, we report the isolation of two acyclic gold and copper carbene(More)
A novel selective fluorescent chemosensor based on naphthalimide derivatives (AN-SB) was synthesized and characterized. Once combined with Cu(2+), compound AN-SB could give rise to a visible yellow to orange color change and fluorescence quenching, while other metal ions showed subtle disturbance. The complex (AN-SB-Cu(2+)) formed by Cu(2+) and AN-SB(More)
The vibration-rotational Raman lidar system built in Xi'an, China (34.233°N, 108.911°E) was used to simultaneously detect atmospheric temperature, water vapor, and aerosols under different weather conditions. Temperature measurement examples showed good agreement with radiosonde data in terms of the lapse rates and heights of the inversion layer under the(More)
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