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This paper describes the architecture of the first implementation of the In-VIGO grid-computing system. The architecture is designed to support computational tools for engineering and science research In Virtual Information Grid Organizations (as opposed to in vivo or in vitro experimental research). A novel aspect of In-VIGO is the extensive use of(More)
—This paper introduced cmpSCTP, a transport layer solution for concurrent multi-path transfer that modifies the standard Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP). The cmpSCTP aims at exploiting SCTP's multi-homing capability by selecting several best paths among multiple available network interfaces to improve data transfer rate to the same multi-homed(More)
It is essential for the Future Internet to fully support multihoming and select most appropriate paths for Concurrent Multipath Transfer (CMT). In real complex networks, different paths are likely to overlap each other and even share bottlenecks which can weaken the path diversity gained through CMT. Spurred by this observation, it is necessary to select(More)
—Fault-tolerant scheduling plays a significant role in improving system reliability of clusters. Although extensive fault-tolerant scheduling algorithms have been proposed for real-time tasks in parallel and distributed systems, quality of service (QoS) requirements of tasks have not been taken into account. This paper presents a fault-tolerant scheduling(More)
Developing energy-efficient clusters not only can reduce power electricity cost but also can improve system reliability. Existing scheduling strategies developed for energy-efficient clusters conserve energy at the cost of performance. The performance problem becomes especially apparent when cluster computing systems are heavily loaded. To address this(More)
Keywords: Multi-homing Concurrent multi-path transfer Traffic control SCTP a b s t r a c t With the advances in audio encoding standards and wireless access networks, voice over IP (VoIP) is becoming quite popular. However, real-time voice data over lossy networks (such as WLAN and UMTS), still posses several challenging problems because of the adverse(More)
Keywords: Handover Multihoming Concurrent multi-path transfer Transport layer SCTP a b s t r a c t The next generation network may be regarded as an IP (Internet Protocol) converged network, combining various access technologies. In this environment, ubiquitous computing and seamless networking are required for the mobile host. The growing availability of(More)