Xiaomin Yang

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Monodispersed FePt nanoparticles are synthesized by reduction of iron(II) acetylacetonate and platinum(II) acetylacetonate with 1,2-hexadecanediol as the reducing reagent in the polyol process. As-prepared FePt nanoparticles are chemically disordered with fcc phase. Transmission electron microscopy (TEM) images show a self-assembled particle array with an(More)
In plants, silicon (Si) accumulates in phytoliths, which can contain 0.1–6.0 % occluded organic carbon (phytolith-occluded organic carbon, PhytOC). Globally, phytolith formation has implications for the long-term terrestrial carbon balance, and thus, global climate change. In this study, we analyzed the Si contents of 108 species of plants from Inner(More)
Pulse deposition of 2.4 T Co 37 Fe 63 alloy in photoresist features with 40 nm critical dimension and high aspect ratio is presented. The design of the pulse deposition parameters is described in terms of the transport limitations through the diffusion layer, electrochemical interface stability with respect to Fe(OH) 3 precipitation, and the optimum(More)
We have coupled the SAFIER™ (shrink assist film for enhanced resolution) process with electron-beam lithography for the fabrication of the write top pole structures for thin-film heads. The SAFIER™ process is designed to physically shrink trench patterns and contact holes with very little deterioration of the resist profile. In this article, we will present(More)
In this paper, we present recent results obtained for pulse plating of 1.8 T CoNiFe alloy. As a starting point, a comprehensive model is developed that explains and mathematically describes the phenomenon of pole tip depression observed in the case of direct current deposition. Based on this model and its results the parameters like pulse time, rest time,(More)
In this paper, an electrical throttle performance test system is designed mainly focusing on its potentiometer and function tests. An improved denoising algorithm based upon the wavelet transform is proposed in non-stationary testing environment. In the experiment, the virtual instrument is used to call the denoising module and processes the acquiring(More)
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