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The Eclipse platform presents an opportunity to openly collaborate and share visualization tools amongst the research community and with developers. In this paper, we present our own experiences of "plugging-in" our visualization tool, SHriMP Views, into this environment. The Eclipse platform's Java Development Tools (JDT) and CVS plug-ins provide us with(More)
Most traditional reverse engineering tools focus on abstraction and analysis of source code, presenting a visual representation of the software architecture. This approach can be both helpful and cost effective in software maintenance tasks. However, where large software teams are concerned, with moderate levels of employee turnover, traditional reverse(More)
More and more real-time applications need to handle dynamic continuous queries over streaming data of high density. Conventional data and query indexing approaches generally do not apply for excessive costs in either maintenance or space. Aiming at these problems, this study first proposes a new indexing structure by fusing an adaptive cell and KDB-tree,(More)
The hexon protein of human adenovirus (HAdV) processes type-specific B-cell neutralizing epitopes. We developed a new effective, reliable approach to map these epitopes on hexon protein of HAdVs. A three-dimensional (3D) model of the HAdV3 hexon was obtained by homology modeling and refined by molecular mechanics and molecular dynamics simulations. A(More)
Transmethylation reactions utilize S-adenosylmethionine (SAM) as a methyl donor and are central to the regulation of many biological processes: more than fifty SAM-dependent methyltransferases methylate a broad spectrum of cellular compounds including DNA, histones, phospholipids and other small molecules. Common to all SAM-dependent transmethylation(More)
Epidemiology researches indicated that gastric cancer is a male-predominant disease; both expression level of estrogen and expression pattern of estrogen receptors (ERs) influence its carcinogenesis. But the direct effect of estrogen on gastric cancer cells is still unclear. This study aimed to explore the direct effect of β-estradiol (E2) on gastric cancer(More)
BACKGROUND Studies have revealed that visiting poultry markets and direct contact with sick or dead poultry are significant risk factors for H5N1 infection, the practices of which could possibly be influenced by people's knowledge, attitudes and practices (KAPs) associated with avian influenza (AI). To determine the KAPs associated with AI among the Chinese(More)
Clouds have evolved as the next generation platform that facilitates creation of wide-area on-demand renting of computing or storage services for hosting application services that experience highly variable workloads and requires high availability and performance. Interconnecting Cloud computing system components (servers, VMs, application services) through(More)
Children are very different from adults—they have developing motor skills, limited reach, short attention spans, limited exposure to traditional user interfaces and social protocols. How do we evaluate user interfaces for children? In this paper, we present four evaluative techniques that we have successfully used with children.