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Environmental pollutants have received considerable attention due to their serious effects on human health. There are physical, chemical, and biological means to remediate pollution; among them, bioremediation has become increasingly popular. The nitrogen-fixing rhizobia are widely distributed in the soil and root ecosystems and can increase legume growth(More)
BACKGROUND Cryptococcus neoformans infection usually presents as chronic meningitis and is increasingly being recognized in immunocompromised patients. Presentation with pleural effusion is rare in cryptococcal disease; in fact, only 4 cases of pleural effusion as the initial clinical presentation in cryptococcosis have been reported in English-language(More)
The visible and near-infrared (VNIR) spectroscopy prediction model is an effective tool for the prediction of soil organic matter (SOM) content. The predictive accuracy of the VNIR model is highly dependent on the selection of the calibration set. However, conventional methods for selecting the calibration set for constructing the VNIR prediction model(More)
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