Xiaomeng Meng

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In this work, a simple and sensitive electrochemical method was developed to determine Sudan I based on magnetic Fe3O4 nanoparticles modified glassy carbon electrode using cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry. The sensor exhibited an obviously electrocatalytic activity towards the oxidation of Sudan I, which can be confirmed by the(More)
MicroRNAs (miRNAs), a kind of small, endogenous, noncoding RNAs (∼22 nucleotides), might play a crucial role in early cancer diagnose due to its abnormal expression in many solid tumors. As a result, label-free and PCR-amplification-free assay for miRNAs is of great significance. In this work, a highly sensitive biosensor for sequence specific miRNA-21(More)
The graphene nanosheets and carbon nanospheres mixture (GNS-CNS) was prepared by electrolyzing graphite rob in KNO(3) solution under constant current, which was characterized by TEM, AFM, SEM, FT-IR, XRD, XPS, TGA and UV-vis. The nano-mixture can keep stable in water for more than one month. Based on this kind of mixture material, a novel electrochemical(More)
A simple and novel microRNA (miRNA) biosensor was developed using DNA-Au bio bar code (DNA-Au) and G-quadruplex-based DNAenzyme. DNA-Au increased the amount of miRNA-21 participating in hybridization. Hemin/G-quadruplex DNAenzyme significantly improved the catalysis of H(2)O(2) by oxidation of hydroquinone, resulting in an obvious reduction current of(More)
A simply electrochemical method based on CdSe microparticles modified glassy carbon electrode (GCE) was developed to determine theophylline using cyclic voltammetry and differential pulse voltammetry. Theophylline showed a well-defined oxidation peak at the fabricated electrode in phosphate buffer solution and the oxidation peak current is much higher than(More)
BACKGROUND Carotenoid content analysis in wolfberry processed products has mainly focused on the determination of zeaxanthin or zeaxanthin dipalmitate, which cannot indicate the total carotenoid content (TCC) in wolfberries. RESULTS We have exploited an effective approach for rapid extraction of carotenoid from wolfberry juice and determined TCC using(More)
A novel electrochemical immunosensor for ultrasensitive detection of subgroup J of avian leukosis virus (ALVs-J) was designed by using graphene sheets (GS)-layered double hydroxides (LDHs) composites modified electrode with multifunctional Fe(3)O(4) core/Ni-Al LDHs shell (LDHs@Fe(3)O(4)) nanospheres as labels. At first, the GS-LDHs were used for the(More)
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