Xiaomei Yi

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This paper proposes distributed data acquisition system based on Personal Digital Assistant that can process data by calling the Web Service. The system implements distributed data processing by calling the Web Service. Lots of experiments are conducted on it in several wildlife monitoring sites in Zhejiang Province, the result shows that it is effective(More)
The construction of transportation infrastructure develops rapidly in China. However, the number of traffic accidents is rising continuously. On the basis of more than one million road traffic accident records in China from 2000 to 2001, C-mean Fuzzy Clustering Method is adopted to explore the time distribution of accidents, the direct economic losses and(More)
Sharing of health information is critical for preventing disease, responding to emergencies, educating the public and policy makers. Protecting privacy and confidentiality of health information remain important cornerstones of the public health system, however many health professionals and authorities do not have the ability to visualize health information(More)
With the development of internet, network is playing an increasingly important part in people's lives, but it is bringing a variety of problems, especially computer security, which has become a serious practical trouble now days. Security audit system is an essential component of computer security mechanisms underlying the firewall and intrusion detection(More)
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