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BACKGROUND The prevalence of chronic kidney disease is high in developing countries. However, no national survey of chronic kidney disease has been done incorporating both estimated glomerular filtration rate (eGFR) and albuminuria in a developing country with the economic diversity of China. We aimed to measure the prevalence of chronic kidney disease in(More)
This paper presents a novel method for segmentation of white blood cells (WBCs) in peripheral blood and bone marrow images under different lights through mean shift clustering, color space conversion and nucleus mark watershed operation (NMWO). The proposed method focuses on obtaining seed points. First, color space transformation and image enhancement(More)
BACKGROUND The circadian timing system controlled by the suprachiasmatic nuclei (SCN) of the hypothalamus regulates daily rhythms of motor activity and adrenocortical secretion. An alteration in these rhythms is associated with poor survival of patients with metastatic colorectal or breast cancer. We developed a mouse model to investigate the consequences(More)
This paper mainly does some research on the problem of information exchange between HIS and PACS, which is starving for solution in the construction of hospital digitalization. HIS system mainly deals with patient information, it follows the standard of HL7.While PACS system mainly manages image information, it follows the standard of DICOM 3.0. Because HIS(More)
BACKGROUND We explored possible mechanisms responsible for the inability of plerosis and the tendency towards fibrosis in aristolochic acid-induced acute tubular necrosis (AA-ATN). METHODS Renal biopsy tissues from eight AA-ATN cases were examined. Tubulointerstitial injury was semiquantitatively assessed. Immunohistochemical steptavidin-peroxide (SP)(More)
Radiotherapy is the main locoregional control modality for a number of types of malignant tumors, including glioblastoma. However, radiotherapy fails to prevent recurrence in numerous patients due to the intrinsic radioresistance of cancer cells. Cell senescence is significant in tumor suppressor mechanisms and is closely associated with the radioresistance(More)
Rapid diagnostic tests (RDTs) have become an essential tool in the contemporary malaria control and management programmes in the world. This study aims to evaluate the performance of two commonly used RDTs for malaria diagnosis in the China-Myanmar border area. A total 606 febrile patients in the China-Myanmar border were recruited to this study and were(More)
London plane tree (Platanus acerifolia Willd.) is an important member of the Platanaceae family, being popular as an urban landscaping tree. Here, we report the isolation of five MADS-box genes from the basal angiosperm, Platanus acerifolia. Sequence and phylogenetic analyses identified FRUITFUL-like, APETELA3-like, AGAMOUS-like, SEPALLATA1-like and(More)
Thread Level Speculation (TLS) is a technique aims at boosting the performance of sequential programs running on Chip Multiprocessors (CMPs) by automatically parallelizing them. It exempts programmers from the heavy task of parallel programming. But its performance may suffer from frequent squashing caused by inter-thread data dependency violation. In this(More)
White blood cell (WBC) segmentation, which is important for cytometry, is a challenging issue because of the morphological diversity of WBCs and the complex and uncertain background of blood smear images. This paper proposes a novel method for the nucleus and cytoplasm segmentation of WBCs for cytometry. A color adjustment step was also introduced before(More)