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A novel significant vector (SV) regression algorithm is proposed in this paper based on an analysis of Chen's orthogonal least squares (OLS) regression algorithm. The proposed regularized SV algorithm finds the significant vectors in a successive greedy process in which, compared to the classical OLS algorithm, the orthogonalization has been removed from(More)
Localization-based super-resolution microscopy (or called localization microscopy) rely on repeated imaging and localization of active molecules, and the spatial resolution enhancement of localization microscopy is built upon the sacrifice of its temporal resolution. Developing algorithms for high-density localization of active molecules is a promising(More)
Soma localization is an important step in computational neuroscience to map neuronal circuits. However, locating somas from large-scale and complicated datasets is challenging. The challenges primarily originate from the dense distribution of somas, the diversity of soma sizes and the inhomogeneity of image contrast. We proposed a novel localization method(More)
The Real-time Architectural Specification (RAS) based on Time Petri-Nets (TPNs) formal method provides a modeling approach to support design and development of reliable real-time distributed systems. In this paper, we present a distributed TPNs simulation algorithm and its clustering implementation for RAS model simulation. The distributed algorithm and(More)
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