Xiaolue Lai

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We present a novel methodology suitable for fast, correct design of modern PLLs. The central feature of the methodology is its use of accurate, nonlinear behavioral models for the VCO within the PLL, thus removing the need for many time-consuming SPICE-level simulations during the design process. We apply the new methodology to design a novel(More)
— In this paper, we present a analytical method for predicting injection locking in the LC and ring oscillators. Our method is very convenient for analyzing the injection locking phenomenon in oscillators, since it doesn't require the Q factor, as the Adler equation [1] does. We show that our analytical solution is equivalent with Adler's equation for LC(More)
Phase-locked loops (PLLs) are widely used in electronic systems. As PLL malfunction is one of the most important factors in re-fabs of SoCs, fast simulation of PLLs to capture non-ideal behavior accurately is an immediate, pressing need in the semiconductor design industry. In this paper, we present a nonlinear macromodel based PLL simulation technique that(More)
— We present a method for extracting comprehensive amplitude and phase macromodels of oscillators from their circuit descriptions. The macromodels are based on combining a scalar, nonlinear phase equation with a small linear time-varying system to capture slowly-dying amplitude variations. The comprehensive macromodels are able to correctly predict(More)
— Simple, accessible and intuitive treatments of oscillator injection locking, that at the same time maintain rigour especially with regard to nonlinearities, appear to be lacking in the literature. We present a novel analysis that incorporates all these features but uses only basic mathematical and circuit theory concepts. We develop a graphical procedure(More)
We address the problem of fast and accurate computational analysis of large networks of coupled oscillators arising in nanotechnological and biochemical systems. Such systems are computationally and analytically challenging because of their very large sizes and the complex nonlinear dynamics they exhibit. We develop and apply a nonlinear oscillator(More)
The PPV is a robust phase domain macromodel for oscillators. It has been proven to predict oscillators' responses correctly under small signal perturbations, and capture nonlinear phase effects such as injection locking/pulling. In this work, we present a novel approach to extend the PPV macromodel to handle variability in circuit parameters. We derive a(More)
We present a novel method for generating small, accurate PLL macromodels that capture transient response and jitter performance with unprecedented accuracy, while offering large speedups. The method extracts and uses a highly accurate oscillator phase macromodel termed the TP-PPV macromodel. The core idea behind the novel extraction procedure is to combine(More)
Coupled oscillator networks occur in various domains such as biology, astrophysics and electronics. In this paper, we present a comprehensive procedure for rapid and accurate simulation of large coupled oscillator networks using widely accepted, fully-nonlinear Perturbation Projection Vector (PPV) phase macromodels. We validate our method against full(More)