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MS1 full scan based quantification is one of the most popular approaches for large-scale proteome quantification. Typically only three different samples can be differentially labeled and quantified in a single experiment. Here we present a two stages stable isotope labeling strategy which allows six different protein samples (six-plex) to be reliably(More)
Signaling pathways known to have components with mutations in human medulloblastoma include sonic hedgehog, Wnt/beta-catenin and insulin-like growth factor. Microarray analysis was applied to examine the gene expression changes in medulloblastomas of pTet-on/pTRE-SV40Tag transgenic mice. Altogether, 14 112 genes were detectable, including 152 genes with(More)
Proteolysis is a major form of post translational modification which occurs when a protease cleaves peptide bonds in a target protein to modify its activity. Tracking protease substrates is indispensable for understanding its cellular functions. However, it is difficult to directly identify protease substrates because the end products of proteolysis, the(More)
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