Xiaolu Pang

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A novel method had been developed for determination of microcystin in surface water by ultra-performance liquid chromatography combined with tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC-MS/MS). Water samples after being concentrated and cleaned with solid phase extraction (SPE) with Oasis HLB cartridge were separated on AcQuity UPLC BEH C18 column (1.7 microm, 1.0 x 50(More)
We report an ultrathin NiOx catalyzed Si np(+) junction photoanode for a stable and efficient solar driven oxygen evolution reaction (OER) in water. A stable semi-transparent ITO/Au/ITO hole conducting oxide layer, sandwiched between the OER catalyst and the Si photoanode, is used to protect the Si from corrosion in an alkaline working environment, enhance(More)
Chromium oxide coatings are chemically inert, have high mechanical strength, hardness and good optical characteristics; therefore, they have been widely used in many applications including corrosion protection, wear resistance, electronics, and optics. Cr2O3 is well suited for wear resistance applications, as it is one of the hardest oxides with 29.5 GPa(More)
Nanoindentation tests using the Berkovich indenter tip were performed on 50 and 200 nm thick polycrystalline gold films deposited on hard substrates. Gold film hardness increased with the indentation depth due to the influence of the substrate. A procedure based on the Joslin-Oliver method was introduced to correct for the substrate effect. The method(More)
Chromium oxide coatings were deposited on low-carbon steel by radiofrequency reactive magnetron sputtering at different oxygen flux values. X-ray diffraction, x-ray photoelectron spectroscopy, and high-resolution transmission electron microscopy were used to investigate the microstructure of chromium oxide coatings. Varying oxygen flux changed the coating(More)
An analytical method for the analysis of trace microcystins (MCYST) in water was developed using solid phase extraction (SPE) for enrichment and ultra performance liquid chromatography/tandem mass spectrometry (UPLC/MS/MS) for detection. One litre of water was passed through SPE columns, the extracted sample was rinsed off by 10 mL methanol, then evaporated(More)
BACKGROUND With life pace accelerated, poor diet habits developed, psychological burden enhanced and many other factors, the incidence of coronary heart disease, atherosclerosis and other cardiovascular cerebrovascular diseases has been increased year by year, which are serious threat to human health. OBJECTIVE Provide relational references for the(More)
Electrowetting is a promising method for manipulating small volumes of liquid on a solid surface. This complex phenomenon couples electrical and fluid properties and offers many potential surprises. The complex electrical and capillary interactions in electrowetting are illustrated by an analysis of an electrowetting configuration that produces an(More)