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We investigate how configurations of urban railroads and highways influenced urban form in Chinese cities since 1990. Each radial highway displaces at least 5 percent of central city population to surrounding regions and ring roads displace an additional 20 percent. Each radial railroad displaces 26 percent of central city industrial GDP with ring roads(More)
Recent years, people pay more and more attention to multi-modal biometric recognition because of its higher security. In this paper, face and palmprint are fused in feature level and a novel user-specific weighting rule is used to adapt different people's need and improve recognition accuracy. According to respective characteristic of face and palmprint,(More)
This paper presents a novel whole body motion estimation method by fitting a deformable articulated model of the human body into the 3D reconstructed volume obtained from multiple video streams. The advantage of the proposed method is two fold: (1) combination of a robust estimator and ICP algorithm with Kd-tree search in pose and normal space make it(More)
A novel iris localization method and user-specific automatic iris authentication approach based on feature selection is proposed in this paper. First, two iris sub-regions, where are nearly not occluded by useless parts such as eyelash and eyelid, are segmented as region of interest (ROI). Second, multi-scale Gabor filters are adopted to extract the texture(More)
This paper presents a novel content-based hidden transmission method for secret data to improve the security and secrecy. In the proposed method, the secret data is encrypted by chaotic map before embedding. Then the cover image is segmented by watershed algorithm and fuzzy c-means clustering. At last we extract the feature of each region and embed the(More)
Nerve growth factor (NGF) is involved in nerve sprouting, hyper-innervation, angiogenesis, anti-apoptosis, and preservation of cardiac function after myocardial infarction (MI). Positively modulating NGF expression may represent a novel pharmacological strategy to improve post-infarction prognosis. In this study, lentivirus encoding NGF short interfering(More)
The transition metal cobalt, an essential cofactor for many enzymes in prokaryotes, is taken up by several specific transport systems. The CbiMNQO protein complex belongs to type-1 energy-coupling factor (ECF) transporters and is a widespread group of microbial cobalt transporters. CbiO is the ATPase subunit (A-component) of the cobalt transporting system(More)