Xiaolong Zhou

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BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Mas oncogene-related gene (Mrg) receptors are exclusively distributed in small-sized neurons in trigeminal and dorsal root ganglia (DRG). We investigated the effects of MrgC receptor activation on inflammatory hyperalgesia and its mechanisms. EXPERIMENTAL APPROACH A selective MrgC receptor agonist, bovine adrenal medulla peptide(More)
Tracking multiple moving targets in a video is a challenge because of several factors, including noisy video data, varying number of targets, and mutual occlusion problems. The Gaussian mixture probability hypothesis density (GM-PHD) filter, which aims to recursively propagate the intensity associated with the multi-target posterior density, can overcome(More)
In this paper, we address the 3D eye gaze estimation problem using a low-cost, simple-setup, and non-intrusive consumer depth sensor (Kinect sensor). We present an effective and accurate method based on 3D eye model to estimate the point of gaze of a subject with the tolerance of free head movement. To determine the parameters involved in the proposed eye(More)
Follicular atresia mainly results from apoptosis of granulosa cells (GCs). Our previous microRNA array data indicated that the miRNA let-7g level increases significantly during porcine ovary follicular atresia. It is uncertain if GCs apoptosis is mediated by microRNA let-7g. In this study, the expression levels of the apoptosis-associated genes CASP3, BAX(More)
Immunoglobulin heavy chain (IgH) class-switch recombination (CSR) replaces initially expressed Cμ (IgM) constant regions (C(H)) exons with downstream C(H) exons. Stimulation of B cells with anti-CD40 plus interleukin-4 induces CSR from Cμ to Cγ1 (IgG1) and Cε (IgE), the latter of which contributes to the pathogenesis of atopic diseases. Although Cε CSR can(More)
Pain management is still challenging in clinic as current analgesics either are not very effective or produce serious adverse effects. This study aimed to examine if old drugs could display the new use and to develop a novel therapy for inflammatory pain. Injection of carrageenan in hindpaw evoked hyperalgesia detected by noxious heat stimulation.(More)
OBJECTIVE To identify the frequency of pregnancy and neonatal complications in pregnancies carrying fetuses affected with trichothiodystrophy (TTD). METHODS We identified pregnancy and neonatal complications and serum screening results from mothers of TTD patients in a DNA repair diseases study from 2001 to 2011. RESULTS Pregnancy reports of 27 TTD(More)
Long non-coding RNAs have been reported to play an important role in cellular metabolism and development. Homeobox transcript antisense intergenic RNA (HOTAIR), a long non-coding RNA, is pervasively over-expressed in most human cancers compared with non-cancerous adjacent tissues. Although many articles have reported that HOTAIR is closely associated with(More)