Xiaolong Zhang

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Friend recommendation is popular in social network services to help people make new friends and expand their networks. Friend recommendation is either based on topological structures of a social network, or derived from profile information of users. However, dynamically recommending friends by considering both social connections and a context of social(More)
PURPOSE To investigate expression, regulation, potential role and targets of miR-195 and miR-497 in breast cancer. EXPERIMENTAL DESIGN The expression patterns of miR-195 and miR-497 were initially examined in breast cancer tissues and cell lines by Northern blotting and quantitative real-time PCR. Combined bisulfite restriction analysis and bisulfite(More)
Information worlds are getting ever more vast. We need, not only better environments for dealing with this vast scale, but better tools for authoring information in those environments. This paper describes a new type of tool for authoring objects in infinite pan/zoom (so-called “multiscale”) environments, like PAD++. Called the MultiScale Editor (MuSE) it(More)
PCAF histone acetylase plays a role in regulation of transcription, cell cycle progression, and differentiation. Here, we show that PCAF is found in a complex consisting of more than 20 distinct polypeptides. Strikingly, some polypeptides are identical to TBP-associated factors (TAFs), which are subunits of TFIID. Like TFIID, histone fold-containing factors(More)
Protein structure prediction (PSP) has important applications in different fields, such as drug design, disease prediction, and so on. In protein structure prediction, there are two important issues. The first one is the design of the structure model and the second one is the design of the optimization technology. Because of the complexity of the realistic(More)
We present a new technique called 'Tilt Menu' for better extending selection capabilities of pen-based interfaces. The Tilt Menu is implemented by using 3D orientation information of pen devices while performing selection tasks. The Tilt Menu has the potential to aid traditional one-handed techniques as it simultaneously generates the secondary input (e.g.,(More)
Network data often contain important attributes from various dimensions such as social affiliations and areas of expertise in a social network. If such attributes exhibit a tree structure, visualizing a compound graph consisting of tree and network structures becomes complicated. How to visually reveal patterns of a network over a tree has not been fully(More)
Teams of specialized experts, such as emergency management planning teams, while making decisions need to efficiently pool domain-specific knowledge, synthesize relevant information, and keep track of collaborators activities at a low interaction cost. This requires tools that allow monitoring both low-level information (e.g., individual actions and(More)
Downregulation of protein tyrosine kinases is a major function of the multidomain protein c-Cbl. This effect of c-Cbl is critical for both negative regulation of normal physiological stimuli and suppression of cellular transformation. In spite of the apparent importance of these effects of c-Cbl, their own regulation is poorly understood. To search for(More)
Collaborative research has been increasingly popular and important in academic circles. However, there is no open platform available for scholars or scientists to effectively discover potential collaborators. This paper discusses CollabSeer, an open system to recommend potential research collaborators for scholars and scientists. CollabSeer discovers(More)