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MOTIVATION Rapid advances in next-generation sequencing (NGS) technology have led to exponential increase in the amount of genomic information. However, NGS reads contain far more errors than data from traditional sequencing methods, and downstream genomic analysis results can be improved by correcting the errors. Unfortunately, all the previous error(More)
We propose a volume fraction based approach to effectively simulate the miscible and immiscible flows simultaneously. In this method, a volume fraction is introduced for each fluid component and the mutual interactions between different fluids are simulated by tracking the evolution of the volume fractions. Different techniques are employed to handle the(More)
Much progress has been made in the design of efficient acquisition trajectories for high spatial and temporal resolution in magnetic resonance imaging (MRI). Additionally, significant developments in image reconstruction have enabled the reconstruction of reasonable images from massively undersampled or noisy data that is corrupted by a variety of physical(More)
Several recent methods have been proposed to obtain significant speed-ups in MRI image reconstruction by leveraging the computational power of GPUs. Previously, we implemented a GPU-based image reconstruction technique called the Illinois Massively Parallel Acquisition Toolkit for Image reconstruction with ENhanced Throughput in MRI (IMPATIENT MRI) for(More)
The computer hardware of today's world was designed and architected for the purpose of running a single operating system and its applications and therefore most of the hardware of such computer would be left underutilized. Virtualization enables the option of running multiple virtual computers on a single physical system. This paper studies the various(More)
A teleoperation system of mending robots based on virtual reality and WLAN is established and its core techniques are described. VC++, OpenGL, 3DS MAX are adopted to carry out the virtual environment and the virtual robot. WLAN (wireless LAN) with high gain antenna is used to realize teleoperation function that operators can use the virtual robot to control(More)
In recent years, many researchers have investigated optical interconnections as parallel computing. Optical interconnections are attractive due to their high bandwidth and concurrent access to the bus in a pipelined fashion. The Linear Array with Reconfigurable Pipelined Bus System (LARPBS) model is a powerful optical bus system that combines both the(More)
Network virtualization which enables the coexistence of multiple networks in shared infrastructure adds extra requirements on data plane of router. Software based virtual data plane is inferior in performance, whereas, hardware based virtual data plane is hard to achieve flexibility and scalability. In this paper, using FPGA (Field Program Gate Array) and(More)
With the cost reduction of the next-generation sequencing (NGS) technologies, genomics has provided us with an unprecedented opportunity to understand fundamental questions in biology and elucidate human diseases. De novo genome assembly is one of the most important steps to reconstruct the sequenced genome. However, most de novo assemblers require enormous(More)