Xiaolong Song

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We review recent progress in the development of high birefringence (Δn ≥ 0.12) negative dielectric anisotropy (Δε < 0) liquid crystals (LCs) for direct-view and projection displays. For mobile displays, our UCF-N2 (low viscosity, negative Δε, high Δn) based homogeneous alignment fringe-field switching (called n-FFS) mode exhibits superior performance to(More)
The use of fluorescence is ubiquitously found in the detection of immunoreaction; though with good sensitivity, this technique requires labeling as well as other time-consuming steps to perform the measurement. An alternative approach involving liquid crystals (LCs) was proposed, based on the fact that an immunocomplex can disturb the orientation of LCs,(More)
We investigate Andreev reflection (AR) resonant tunneling through a precessing spin which is coupled to a normal metallic lead and a superconducting lead. The formula of the AR conductance at zero temperature is obtained as a function of chemical potential and azimuthal angle of the spin precessing by using the nonequilibrium Green function method. It is(More)
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