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BACKGROUND A greater reduction in cancer risk associated with mushroom diet rich in fungus polysaccharides is generally accepted. Meanwhile, edible Pleurotus abalonus as a member of Abalone mushroom family is a popular nutritional supplement that purportedly prevents cancer occurrence. However, these anecdotal claims are supported by limited studies(More)
This study was designed to investigate the antioxidant activity, hepatoprotective effect, and phenolic composition of the ethyl acetate fraction (EAF) extracted from Houttuynia cordata tea. EAF was shown to exhibit strong ferric-reducing antioxidant power (FRAP) and scavenging activity against DPPH radical in vitro, and the antioxidant effects were further(More)
Dietary supplementation of selenium-enriched tea is known to have an anticancer health benefit. This study was to investigate the inhibitory effect of selenium-containing tea polysaccharides (Se-GTPs) from a new variety of selenium-enriched Ziyang green tea against human MCF-7 breast cancer cells. Se-GTPs dose-dependently exhibited an effective cell growth(More)
We present a fiber-optic extrinsic Fabry-Perot interferometer pressure sensor based on a nanothick silver diaphragm. The sensing diaphragm, with a thickness measured in a few hundreds of nanometers, is fabricated by the electroless plating method, which provides a simple fabrication process involving a high-quality diaphragm at a low cost. The sensor(More)
This paper proposes a novel extended-single-phase shift (ESPS) control strategy of isolated bidirectional full-bridge DC-DC converters (IBDCs) which are a promising alternative as a power electronic interface in microgrids with an additional function of galvanic isolation. Based on the mathematical models of ESPS control under steady-state conditions,(More)
Although much is known about microRNAs' regulation in gene expression and their contributions in cell fate, to date, globally lineage-(cell-) specific identification of the binding events between a transcription factor and its targeting microRNA genes is still waiting for elucidation. In this paper, we performed a ChIP-Seq experiment to find the targeting(More)
Early growth response gene 1 (EGR1) has been implicated in megakaryocyte differentiation induced by phorbol ester. But the molecule mechanism of EGR1 in this process has not been widely investigated. The identification of direct EGR1 target genes in a global scale is critical for our understanding of how EGR1 contributes to this process. In this study, we(More)
BACKGROUND Microarray technology combining with bisulfite-PCR offers a high-throughput approach for detection of DNA methylation. However, the use of microarray-based DNA methylation analysis has been limited by the low throughput of sample preparation due to the difficulty in simultaneous amplification of multiple targets. METHODS A set of(More)