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Background modeling is an important approach used in motion detection. The background model should adapt to dynamic change of the environment and update quickly. In this paper, some improvements on incremental eigen-background modeling are made. A new method of selecting weight according to reconstruction error is proposed. Compared with existing means,(More)
Watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) is one xerophyte that has relative higher tolerance to drought and salt stresses as well as more sensitivity to cold stress, compared with most model plants. These characteristics facilitate it a potential model crop for researches on salt, drought or cold tolerance. In this study, a genome-wide comprehensive analysis of the(More)
Controlling of a supercavitating vehicle has been confronted with various challenging problems such as the potential instability of the vehicle, the unsteady nature of cavity dynamics, and the complex and non-linear nature of the interaction between vehicle and cavity. The vehicle model in the dive plane is given. From complex nonlinear model, a multiple(More)
At present, the control method combining cavitator with fins is generally used to study the control of the supercavitating projectile. However, fins have many shortages such as causing cavitation itself, which will make fins lose their control action. In this paper, it is proposed to use cavitator and thrust vector to control the supercavitating projectile.(More)
Because of supercavitation, there is no buoyancy force to balance the gravity of supercavitating vehicle. In addition, there exists the nonlinear planing force on the vehicle. The motion of vehicle in the vertical plane tends to be unstable and the dynamic model of it is complicated and nonlinear. By introducing a feed-forward compensation and nonlinear(More)
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