Xiaolong Chen

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— In order to effectively detect moving targets in heavy sea clutter, the micro-Doppler (m-D) effect is studied and an effective algorithm based on short-time fractional Fourier transform (STFRFT) is proposed for target detection and m-D signal extraction. Firstly, the mathematical model of target with micromotion at sea, including translation and rotation(More)
The past few years has witnessed the great success of recom-mender systems, which can significantly help users find relevant and interesting items for them in the information era. However, a vast class of researches in this area mainly focus on predicting missing links in bipartite user-item networks (represented as behavioral networks). Comparatively, the(More)
—Robust and effective detection of a marine target is a challenging task due to the complex sea environment and target's motion. A long-time coherent integration technique is one of the most useful methods for the improvement of radar detection ability , whereas it would easily run into the across range unit (ARU) and Doppler frequency migration (DFM)(More)