Xiaolong Bao

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We report herein the design and synthesis of a series of novel benzylphthalazine derivatives as hedgehog signaling pathway inhibitors. Gli-luciferase assay demonstrated that changing piperazine ring of Anta XV to different four, five or six-membered heterocyclic building blocks afforded significant influences on Hh pathway inhibition. In particular,(More)
The co-existence and similar properties of amino acids make the detection of individual amino acids challenging. Herein we discovered that probe 1 may act as a smart example to classify and differentiate basic amino acids (Arg/Lys/His), thiol-containing amino acids (Cys/HCy), and GSH through different sensing mechanisms in selected environments.
We report herein the design and synthesis of a series of optimized phthalazine compounds as novel hedgehog signaling pathway inhibitors. The 4-methylamino-piperidine moiety of Taladegib was replaced by different four, five or six-membered azacycle or azaspirocycle building blocks. The in vitro Gli-luciferase assay results demonstrate that the scaffold(More)
A novel turn-on red fluorescent BODIPY-based probe (Probe 1) for the detection of glutathione was developed. Such a probe carries a para-dinitrophenoxy benzyl pyridinium moiety at the meso position of a BODIPY dye as self-immolative linker. Probe 1 responds selectively to glutathione with the detection limit of 109nM over other amino acids, common metal(More)
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